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Saturday - 12:15 pm

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Teaching Multicultural Education Through the Lives of the Saints Jason Solano, M.Ed
Straight answers to questions regarding the Rite of Catholic Funeral, Cremation and Cemetery. Jerry Del Core
La oración, la fuerza que mueve el mundo Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC
Coming to Know Jesus Through Reconciliation and Eucharist, Creative Ideas to Engage Students and Parents Sue Schuttinger
Composing Original Music for Liturgy & Other Ministry Settings Matt Sanders
When Church Teaching, Civil Law and and Society are at odds; How do we impact the Culture to Build a Culture of Life. Jeremy Youngers
Quinceañeras: Una gran Oportunidad de Evangelización Carmen Chávez
Immigration Info Session Genevieve Levy, Yajaira Martinez
Integrating Our Liturgical Year Into Schools and Their Religion Classes Mary Wedeking
Centering Prayer for Prisoners Inside and Outside of Jails Ray Leonardini
How Can Teens Come to Know Christ? Andrea Vasquez
Recruiting, Training, and Sustaining Volunteers in Ministry Dr. John Rinaldo
Introducción a la espiritualidad Ignaciana para personas ocupadas Alejandro Báez, S.J.
Estableciendo un Grupo de Apoyo sobre el duelo/aflicción en su Parroquia para la Comunidad de habla hispana George Alvarado
La Solidaridad Global: Recursos para su Parroquia y Comunidad Maria G. Arroyo
Cantando el Salmo Responsorial Dr. Ricardo Soto
"Whenever We Encounter Another Person in Love, We Learn Something New About God." Carolyn Trumble
The Abortion Pill Tradgedy; Hope in Reversal Dr. Julian Delgado
Actividades de las Escrituras y Rituales con los Niños Rose Hernandez
Teens and Sexuality: Getting the Medical Facts Straight Gretchen Marsh
Head, Heart & Hands- Living the Gospel in Our Homes Christina Davis
Spiritual Partners: Christ's Gift in Friendship Rick Norman
DISCERNMENT: How Can I Discover God's Will in My Life? Rev. Brent Otto, S.J.
Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness: Wounds to the Soul. Faith Based Interventions K. Bryan Kelso
"Te conozco, te llamo y te envio" La importancia del Apostolado Laico en Nuestro Tiempo Vicente Rosas
Serving the imprisoned in a county jail Irma Michel
Una iglesia católica, muchas culturas: Un enfoque litúrgico intercultural sobre relaciones, competencia y espiritualidad. Eliana Plimpton
Decisiones Fernando Rios
"Until Death Do Us Part" - What Did I Say?! Sr. Karla Feliz-Rivera
The History of Catholic Political Involvement Ken Crawford