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The Abortion Pill Tradgedy; Hope in Reversal Dr. Julian Delgado Saturday - 12:15pm
¿Cómo pueden los adolescentes conocer a Cristo? Andrea Vasquez Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
The Spirituality and Sacramentality of Marriage Fr. Blaise Berg Friday - 2:45pm
The Work of the People Mel Kennedy
Guitarra práctica para Misa Inmigrante Dr. Ricardo Soto Saturday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Immigration Info Session Genevieve Levy, Yajaira Martinez Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Tohu wa-bohu: Recreating Catholic Marketing Stephanie Roth Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 11:00am
Confirmation - Building the Parish Breanna Westlake Friday - 2:45pm
Showing Mercy to the Stranger: Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad Kenneth Preston Friday - 12:15pm
Recursos Catequisticos Maria del Rocio De los Santos Aquino Saturday - 11:00am
Introducción a la espiritualidad Ignaciana para personas ocupadas Alejandro Báez, S.J. Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Tu nombre no es misterio para mi, Senor Saturday - 2:45pm
Building a Diocesan Culture of Life, One Parish at a Time Sally Fong Saturday - 2:45pm
Love, Sex, and Gender Brian Butler Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
When Church Teaching, Civil Law and and Society are at odds; How do we impact the Culture to Build a Culture of Life. Jeremy Youngers Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Entrenamiento de Ambiente Seguro Para Jóvenes Adolescentes Sandra Canenguez Saturday - 11:00am
Catholic Political Involvement in the 21st Century Ken Crawford Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
El Amor Nos LLama Laureen Aguayo Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Healing from Divorce and Separation Corinne Lalanne Friday - 12:15pm
Realize with your Real Eyes: Connection over Perfection Rhyan Ramirez Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
El cuidado personal y el equilibrio de vida en el ministerio Alejandro Báez, S.J. Saturday - 2:45pm
Using the Functions of Christ for a Functional Classroom Jason Solano, M.Ed Saturday - 11:00am, Friday - 2:45pm
Practicing Ignatian Prayer Rev. Brent Otto, S.J. Saturday - 11:00am
"How Do You Know Me, Lord?" Julie Moody Friday - 2:45pm
Una iglesia católica, muchas culturas: Un enfoque litúrgico intercultural sobre relaciones, competencia y espiritualidad. Eliana Plimpton Saturday - 12:15pm, Friday - 11:00am
DISCERNMENT: How Can I Discover God's Will in My Life? Rev. Brent Otto, S.J. Saturday - 12:15pm
Authentic: Knowing Who God Created You to Be Mel Kennedy Friday - 11:00am
Sesión de información sobre Inmigración Yajaira Martinez Saturday - 11:00am
Estableciendo un Grupo de Apoyo sobre el duelo/aflicción en su Parroquia para la Comunidad de habla hispana George Alvarado Saturday - 12:15pm
Coming to Know Jesus Through Reconciliation and Eucharist, Creative Ideas to Engage Students and Parents Sue Schuttinger Saturday - 12:15pm
Confirmation: Graduation or Commencement? Fr. Mark Wiesner Friday - 11:00am
Dios te ama- Hay que recordarlo y creerlo para celebrarlo! Ana Ibarra Saturday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Efectos de la Pornografia en el Matrimonio y la Familia Maria y Renzo Perochena Friday - 2:45pm
RCIA: It Starts in the Heart Fr. Mark Wiesner Friday - 2:45pm
Decisiones Fernando Rios Saturday - 12:15pm
Kerygma! Say What?? Shannon Blecha Friday - 2:45pm
Respuestas directas a preguntas relacionadas con el Ritual de Funeral, Cremación y Cementerios Católicos. Zirama Lindsay Saturday - 2:45pm
Saint John Paul the Great & Family at the Beginning of the Third Millennium Jeremy Youngers Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
Safe Environment Training for Youth Katita Schloemann Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Engaging In Global Solidarity: Resources for the Classroom and Community Kenneth Preston Friday - 11:00am
Straight answers to questions regarding the Rite of Catholic Funeral, Cremation and Cemetery. Jerry Del Core Friday - 11:00am, Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Knowing About Jesus vs. Knowing Jesus Darcy Wharton Friday - 11:00am
Técnica Vocal Básica para el uso de Misa Inmigrante Dr. Ricardo Soto Saturday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Recorriendo el camino con los niños a la Preparación Sacramental Rose Hernandez Saturday - 2:45pm
Let Them Serve: Teaching the Youth and Young Adult to Enhance the Liturgy Jason Solano, M.Ed Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Lord - Help Me! I'm Having Trouble Forgiving! Derette Layne Friday - 12:15pm
"Teen Porn" Considerations and Interventions K. Bryan Kelso Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Charitable Investing and Catholic Social Teaching Dan Cairns Friday - 2:45pm
Answering the WHY?- Helping Students Understand Church Teaching on Respect for Human Life Camille Pauley Friday - 12:15pm
Evening of Testimony Outreach for RCIA Michael Faber Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
"Te conozco, te llamo y te envio" La importancia del Apostolado Laico en Nuestro Tiempo Vicente Rosas Saturday - 12:15pm
A Culture of Care: Sharing the Integral Spirituality of Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si' in Catholic Schools Greg McAvoy-Jensen Friday - 2:45pm
Preparandonos para un Encuentro Teresa Donan Saturday - 11:00am
Head, Heart & Hands- Living the Gospel in Our Homes Christina Davis Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
How Can Teens Come to Know Christ? Andrea Vasquez Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
JESUS TE CONOCE DE UNA MANERA PERSONAL Marta Torres Saturday - 11:00am
They're Everywhere... Except at Church: Accompanying Young Adults "Nones" Steve Do Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 11:00am
Pedagogía en la transmisión de la fe Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
"GIFT" Growing In Faith Together Shawn Carter Saturday - 11:00am
High Schoolers & Sexual Identity: Formation or Confusion Cathi Fisher, Loree Lippsmeyer Friday - 12:15pm
Recruiting, Training, and Sustaining Volunteers in Ministry Dr. John Rinaldo Saturday - 12:15pm
Powerful Prayer Experiences for Teens Aaron Del Monte Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Meet 'Em Where They're At: Best Practices in Inclusion Lindsey West Friday - 2:45pm
Taller de Confirmación De Mecánico a Orgánico David Bisono Friday - 11:00am
Prayer Teams - A Must For Every Parish! Derette Layne Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
Sing to the Lord, Music in Divine Worship Dr. Ricardo Soto Friday - 12:15pm
Stranger No More: Welcoming the Stranger in Our Midst Genevieve Levy, Kenneth Preston Friday - 2:45pm
Teaching Multicultural Education Through the Lives of the Saints Jason Solano, M.Ed Saturday - 12:15pm, Friday - 12:15pm
Helping Parents Pass on a Legacy of Faith to Their Kids Dr. John Rinaldo Saturday - 11:00am, Friday - 12:15pm
Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness: Wounds to the Soul. Faith Based Interventions K. Bryan Kelso Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Relational Ministry 101 Christina Davis Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Quinceañeras: A great opportunity of Evangelization Carmen Chávez Saturday - 2:45pm
The Religious Potential of the Youngest Children Michelle Knox Friday - 2:45pm
El Catequista de Hoy Patricia Ortega Carranco Saturday - 12:15pm
Teens and Sexuality: Getting the Medical Facts Straight Gretchen Marsh Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
¿Qué transmites en tu servicio? Teresa Donan Saturday - 2:45pm
It Takes a Parish to Raise Saints Steve Do Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
"Whenever We Encounter Another Person in Love, We Learn Something New About God." Carolyn Trumble Saturday - 12:15pm
Composing Original Music for Liturgy & Other Ministry Settings Matt Sanders Saturday - 12:15pm
Actividades de las Escrituras y Rituales con los Niños Rose Hernandez Saturday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
La oración, la fuerza que mueve el mundo Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
"Until Death Do Us Part" - What Did I Say?! Sr. Karla Feliz-Rivera Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
Education in Virtue: The Best Classroom Management Sr. Maria Silva, OP Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
Called and Chosen John Sablan Friday - 2:45pm
La Solidaridad Global: Recursos para su Parroquia y Comunidad Maria G. Arroyo Saturday - 12:15pm
Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality for Busy People Alejandro Báez, S.J. Friday - 12:15pm
In His Image and Likeness: How to Use Theology of the Body In All Aspects of Catechesis Lori Smith Saturday - 2:45pm
“Hasta que la muerte nos separe” - ¿qué dije? Sr. Karla Feliz-Rivera Saturday - 11:00am, Friday - 12:15pm
Todo papá merece una segunda oportunidad con sus hijos Edixon Martinez Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 2:45pm
Cantando el Salmo Responsorial Dr. Ricardo Soto Saturday - 12:15pm
Stranger No More: Welcoming the Stranger in Our Midst Jenifer Call Saturday - 2:45pm
Under the Fig Tree: A Catechesis on the Church's Contemplative Tradition Jeremy Mallett Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Why do I do the things I hate? Understanding the roots of destructive behaviors K. Bryan Kelso Friday - 2:45pm
Taller de RICA Disculpó, Evangelista y Catequista David Bisono Friday - 12:15pm
Parenting Practices to Combat a "Me First" Culture Chris Nelson Friday - 11:00am
Welcoming the Stranger Paul Starkey Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Lanzando la Red por las Vocaciones al Sacerdocio y a la Vida Religiosa Rev. Francisco Hernández Saturday - 2:45pm
Serving the imprisoned in a county jail Irma Michel Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
Integrating Our Liturgical Year Into Schools and Their Religion Classes Mary Wedeking Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
Making Faith Relevant John Sablan Friday - 12:15pm
Starting and Maintaining a Young Adult Ministry Steven Lewis Saturday - 2:45pm
Christ Centered Courtship: Finding Jesus in Your Relationships Arlynne Desiderio Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 11:00am
O God You Search Me Mel Kennedy Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
Decision Making at the End of Life: Ethical Approaches for Complex Health Situations Michael Cox Saturday - 11:00am
La fuerza trasformante de la Adoración Eucaristica Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 11:00am
Señor, que te conozca y que me conozca Sr. Yolanda Barajas Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
A Culture of Care: Sharing the Integral Spirituality of Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si' in Parishes Greg McAvoy-Jensen Saturday - 11:00am
Voluntariado Católico Hoy - Como Motivar, Actuar y Permanecer Activos Voluntarios Eliana Plimpton Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 11:00am
Misericordia al Forastero: Respondiendo a las Necesidades de Victimas del Trafico Humano Maria G. Arroyo Saturday - 2:45pm
Quinceañeras: Una gran Oportunidad de Evangelización Carmen Chávez Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
ONE CATHOLIC CHURCH, MANY CULTURES: An Intercultural Liturgical Approach on Relations, Competence and Spirituality Eliana Plimpton Friday - 2:45pm, Saturday - 2:45pm
Spiritual Partners: Christ's Gift in Friendship Rick Norman Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
Sirviendo a los encarcelados en una cárcel del condado Irma Michel Saturday - 2:45pm
Why is my ministry failing? Jeremy Youngers Friday - 11:00am
The History of Catholic Political Involvement Ken Crawford Friday - 11:00am, Saturday - 12:15pm
Self-Care and Life Balance in Ministry Alejandro Báez, S.J. Friday - 11:00am
Come Back to the Well Christine Jurisich Friday - 2:45pm
Centering Prayer for Prisoners Inside and Outside of Jails Ray Leonardini Friday - 12:15pm, Saturday - 12:15pm
Casting Your Net for Vocations for Priesthood & Religious Life Rev. Raj Derivera Friday - 11:00am
He Was Known to Them in the Breaking of the Bread James Cavanagh Saturday - 2:45pm, Friday - 11:00am
Top misconceptions when working with Hispanic Youth Andrea Vasquez Friday - 2:45pm