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Pedagogía en la transmisión de la fe Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC
Sing to the Lord, Music in Divine Worship Ricardo Soto
Saint John Paul the Great, Our Lady, and the Eucharist Jeremy Youngers
Coming to Know Jesus Through Reconcilaition and Eucharist, Creative ideas to engage students and parents Sue Schuttinger
Gender-Specific Catechesis: Is It Right for Your Parish?
Liturgical Music: It's brief history & pastoral application Manolito Jaldon
Prayer Teams - a must for every Parish! Derette Layne
Welcoming the Stranger
Teaching Multicultural Education Through the Lives of the Saints
"GIFT" Growing In Faith Together Shawn Carter
Dios te ama- Hay que recordarlo y creerlo para celebrarlo!
Catholic Political Involvement in the 21st century Ken Crawford
The Propers of the Mass and how to sing them
O God You Search Me Mel Kennedy
Teens and Sexuality: Getting the Medical Facts Straight Gretchen Marsh
Something Old, Something New - Everything Sacred Sam Kauffman
"How do You know me, Lord?" Julie Moody
"Te conozco, te llamo y te envio" La importancia del Apostolado Laico en Nuestro Tiempo Vicente Rosas
Parenting Practices to Combat a "Me First" Culture Chris Nelson
La oración, la fuerza que mueve el mundo Fr. Agustín De la Vega LC
Basic Vocal Technique using Misa Inmigrante Ricardo Soto
Recruiting, Training, and Sustaining Volunteers in Ministry Dr. John Rinaldo
Coming to Know our Loving God through the Liturgy Sue Schuttinger
The Spirituality and Sacramentality of Marriage Fr. Blaise Berg
Misericordia al Forastero: Respondiendo a las Necesidades de Victimas del Trafico Humano Maria G. Arroyo
Todo papá merece una segunda oportunidad con sus hijos
Classroom Management for Teachers
Under the Fig Tree: A Catechesis on the Church's Contemplative Tradition Jeremy Mallett
Transform your Parish to Know God's Design for Love and Life Sheila St. John
Oremos (Let us Pray, español)


Friday September 29th

  • 11am - 12pm Workshops Round # 1
  • 12:15pm - 1:15pm Workshops Round # 2
  • 2:45pm - 3:45pm Workshops Round # 3

Saturday September 30th

  • 11am - 12pm Workshops Round # 1
  • 12:15pm - 1:15pm Workshops Round # 2
  • 2:45pm - 3:45pm Workshops Round # 3