The Ministry and Vocation of the Catholic School Teacher

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The call to Catholic education constitutes both a ministry and a vocation. In this session, we will examine how Catholic school teachers infuse their ministry with compassion and caring. We will also define the meaning of vocation and how it draws upon our gifts in the fullest possible measure. All of this makes for an affirming and inspiring look at the role of teachers in Catholic schools.


Kathy Hendricks

Kathy Hendricks is a National Catechetical Consultant for William H. Sadlier and a contributing writer for their materials, including the We Believe with Project Disciple catechetical program and the blog, She offers talks and retreats on topics of catechesis, everyday spirituality, and family and is author of the books, Everything About Parish Ministry I Wish I Had Known, A Parent’s Guide to Prayer, and A Prayerbook for Catechists. Sponsored by Sadlier