Discipleship & The Five Thresholds of Conversion

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In this workshop participants will learn the meaning of discipleship and what that looks like practically as a Catholic and specifically in our ministries. I will be using one of the top selling Catholic books by Sherry Weddell (Forming Intentional Disciples) to help the participants understand the studies/data behind the entries/exits in and out of the Church and how that can be useful in how we approach our ministries. Participants will learn: Catholic understanding of discipleship 5 thresholds of conversion How to form and make disciples within our ministries The art of discipleship


John Sablan

John is currently in permanent diaconate formation in the Diocese of Stockton and working on Master's Degree in Theology. He has four years of RCIA experience as Director/Coordinator and four years in Adult Faith Formation Ministry. He has led retreats for adults, high school and junior high students and has given many talks/presentations on the faith