The Challenge of Working With Middle School Students

Workshop Number: 
A-20 & D-25

Have you ever had the feeling you were drowning in a sea of behavior issues when working with young teens? Then this is the session for you. You will learn how to decode these mysterious beings we call adolescents and teach to the expectations for appropriate behavior in middle school age classes. You will also receive materials filled with lessons, techniques, and strategies for successfully managing and reigniting your passion for teaching!


Melanie Stark

Melanie Stark has been working with children from infant to adult for 12 years. She spent 7 years as a professional clown and then went straight into teaching high school. When her first child was born, 6 years ago, she began substitute teaching and volunteering in the Kinderchurch ministry at Good Shepherd Catholic Church. She was since promoted to co-director of the ministry.