Catholic Sexuality: Medical Essentials for Your Emergency Room

Workshop Number: 
B-01 & D-16

Teachers & catechists are often times the “first responders” in matters of faith especially concerning questions of sexuality. Since sexuality is integral to the human person and involves matters of life & death, it is essential that the Church’s “ER personnel” be equipped with knowledge & know-how in handling this critical area. Catholic sexuality is holistic medicine for mind, body, & soul for people of all ages. Learn about medical and scientific advances that support Church teaching.


Dr. Gretchen Marsh

Dr. Marsh, D.O. is a family doctor who has taught and consulted in the Creighton Model Fertility Care of natural family planning for the past 12 years at St. Isidore Catholic Church in Yuba City. She has given many talks on the subject of human sexuality for RCIA, pre-CANA, ministry fairs, and deanery meetings. She has been married to Jon K. Marsh for 27 years and they have 5 sons.